Funeral / memorial Services

Losing a loved one is never easy.
Arranging, planning and creating a beautiful and warming ceremony is my aim for you so the life lost can be a life that is remembered.

Sorry for your loss
A funeral or memorial is a time to gather together and reflect on the life of your loved one. I assist with everything from the transport of your loved ones body after they pass, the planning and conducting of the ceremony, even the organising of the flowers and order of service booklets.
Planning the Ceremony
My role is to make this process a little easier and to create a loving and authentic service to mourn the loss of your loved one. My role starts from the moment your loved one passes, and sometimes if you are one of the luckier ones to have prior notice to their passing, my role starts then too. There is no farewell service too big or too small. It is up to you and those that knew your loved one the most to let me know who they were and we can come up with the right service for them. It could be at a local park, beach, even your home. It does not need to be in a typical chapel at a cemetery but I am not discouraging this either. I will guide, assist, plan and prepare for you.
The Party
The Funeral / Memorial Service
On the day, I will be there to greet you and I will officiate the service professionally and respectfully, I will guide any family and friends that are paying their respects or reading tributes as I know this is never easy.

Each funeral home has different pricing for EVERYTHING.

My choice as a Funeral Director is Picaluna Funerals, we assist families and communities to create a beautiful ceremony, understand the person, telling the story and quality of their life. Bringing experience, our approach is authentic, transparent and compassionate.    

We change the way funerals are done for the better

​The Picaluna approach is authentic and compassionate and is underpinned by 100% price transparency, plus the donation of 5% of our profits to a charity of your choice.

If you or your loved one have chosen to use a different funeral home, I will still work closely with you as your Celebrant for the ceremony and we will create the perfect service to say good bye.


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"Thank you for your guidance"

Please contact me and allow me the honour to pay my respects to the one you have lost and to those of you that are in mourning.

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